The GLJ Story

Garry Johnson, Founder and President of Garry L. Johnson & Associates (GLJ), is a second generation native to Arizona and has seen the growth of this great state explode over the years. Garry has always enjoyed protecting and serving people, so following in the footsteps of his father and grandfather, Garry became an Arizona Highway Patrolman soon after marrying his wife in 1967.  A few short years later, Garry’s first child was born with some unexpected health problems.  As his young family struggled with the cost of care and uncertain financial issues from these medical problems, Garry learned a lot about the insurance world – including the fact that his family was not alone in their predicament.  This realization not only drove Garry to rethink his chosen vocation, but also ultimately changed the course of his life.  Instead of protecting and serving his community as a patrolman, he developed a desire to help families protect and preserve their security and financial legacy.  

In 1970, Garry started his own insurance agency.  Forty-one years later, Garry’s agency’s reputation is built on a foundation of growth and experience in the business.  Garry will tell you our success is due to why we do what we do:  

“We don’t just sell insurance, anyone can do that.  We help create, build, and protect your family secuirty and financial legacy.  Our innovation, teamwork, honesty, integrity, attention to changing trends and courage to pioneer new markets provide the ability to help our clients secure their family legacy.”  

The GLJ mission statement reflects what we do each day:

 “We exist to help create, build, and protect your family security and financial legacy.”

Our Slogan: 

A Secure Family is a Nation’s Strength.

Today Garry has mentored three sons, a son-in-law and one daughter into the business with a strong intent on continuing to build the legacy of the agency.  Additionally, our clients are able to benefit from our team of agents with specific expertise in Individual Benefits, Employee Benefits, Financial Planning, Business Planning, Retirement Planning, and Estate Planning.

Our in-house customer service team is the key ingredient in providing quality and timely service when it counts.  Ensuring customer satisfaction through an experienced customer service team is our top priority with each client.  We have worked hard to assemble a tenured, high-quality customer service team with over 120 years of collective insurance experience.

GLJ is located in Mesa, Arizona; we have 10 hardworking staff members and 12+ agents that always put the client first.  GLJ is not a loose knit group of individual agencies using the same name; we control our growth to ensure that all our agents who carry our name share our level of commitment and integrity with each of our clients.
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